Becoming a Professional Lecture

This passages is the sample of my writing of my new year resolution.

In writing my new year resolution, I begin the story by telling my prior experience with English - so I use past tense. After describing my past experience, I follow it up by telling my new year resolution which is still a plan - meaning that it has not happened yet - so I use future tense.

I am a student majoring English education at State University of Makassar. I am interested in English because when I was in senior high school, my teacher successfully explained benefits of mastering English. When he explained this point, I was so interested. When I was in the second grade in high school, I took language class as my major. I then struggled in learning English till I was accepted at State University of Makassar in 2007.

At university, I spent 5 years learning English. It was so fun and enjoyable. I love all my lecturers. They inspired me a lot. After graduating, I registered as post-graduate student of English education. I was accepted and I spent 3 years learning English with 24 wonderful friends. In 2016, I took my doctoral degree. Now, I am still a doctoral candidate. I am in my progress finishing my dissertation.

Now, it is 2019. I wish I could be a professional lecturer this year. I have prepared everything to reach my dream. If everything goes well as expected, in this year, I will try to register myself as a civil servant. I always dream to be a professional lecturer. I wish I could be a professor and I am now on the track to reach my dream.