Verb-Particle Combinations Begin with Z (6)

On this page are 6 Verb-Particle Combinations starting with the letter "Z".

Base Past Verb Past Participle Present Participle Definitions Example
Zero in on Zeroed in on Zeroed in on Zeroing in on 1. To focus intensely or concentrate one's attention on a specific target, goal, or objective.

2. To direct or aim something, such as a camera or a weapon, with precision toward a particular point or object.
1. The detective zeroed in on the key piece of evidence that led to solving the case.

2. The sniper skillfully zeroed in on the target before taking the shot.

3. In the meeting, they zeroed in on the most critical issues that needed immediate attention.
Zip up Zipped up Zipped up Zipping up 1. To fasten or close a garment, bag, or container by using a zipper or similar fastener.

2. To secure or close something by pulling a zipper or similar mechanism.
1. She quickly zipped up her jacket to stay warm in the cold weather.

2. He zipped up his backpack before heading out on the hike.

3. Make sure to zip up the suitcase to keep your belongings safe during the trip.
Zone out Zoned out Zoned out Zoning out 1. To become disengaged or mentally disconnected from one's surroundings, often unintentionally, and lose focus or attention.

2. To enter a state of deep relaxation or daydreaming where external stimuli are ignored.
1. During the boring lecture, she zoned out and started thinking about her weekend plans.

2. After a long day at work, he likes to zone out by listening to soothing music.

3. It's easy to zone out in the park and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
Zonk out Zonked out Zonked out Zonking out 1. To fall asleep suddenly and deeply, often due to exhaustion or fatigue.

2. To become extremely tired or lethargic and lose the ability to stay awake or alert.
1. After a long day of hiking, she zonked out as soon as she hit the bed.

2. He zonked out on the couch after staying up all night studying for the exam.

3. Sometimes, a short nap can help you avoid zonking out during a long road trip.
Zoom in Zoomed in Zoomed in Zooming in 1. To magnify or enlarge a visual image or object by using a zoom lens or digital zoom, making details more visible.

2. To focus or concentrate on a specific aspect or part of something in a detailed or close examination.
1. The photographer decided to zoom in on the subject's face to capture the emotion.

2. During the presentation, he used the projector to zoom in on key data points for clarity.

3. When reading a complex document, it's helpful to zoom in on the important sections for a better understanding.
Zoom out Zoomed out Zoomed out Zooming out 1. To reduce the magnification or visual focus of an image or object, often by using a zoom lens or digital zoom, to show a wider view.

2. To broaden the perspective or view of a situation by considering it in a larger context.
1. The camera operator decided to zoom out to capture the entire scenic landscape.

2. In the meeting, they encouraged participants to zoom out and see the long-term impact of their decisions.

3. When analyzing a complex problem, it's beneficial to zoom out and look at the broader implications.