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Please, read this information carefully!

There are two points that are informed here:

  1. Final Exam; and
  2. Score Improvement

Final examination is for all students. You should carefully read and understand the instructions before doing the final assignment.

Score improvement is for those who had no time to perform speaking in class and for those who want to work on their score.

Final Examination

As scheduled, final examination is scheduled to be held in the first week of December. Final examination of English will be opened since this post is firstly published (November 29th, 2018) to December 9th, 2018. You may submit your work through email ( between the predetermined time - November 29th to December 9th, 2018.

Be well-prepared for final examination, students!!!

This is what and how you should do.


  1. compose a paper under the topic "My Personal Experience in Learning English at University and How Internet Helps Me in Learning English ". You may write about your lacks, why English is difficult/easy for you, what Internet technologies you usually use in learning English and how they help you.
  2. your paper should be at least 7 paragraphs long
  3. each paragraph should consist of 5 - 7 sentences (the more you write, the higher your score will be)
  4. write your paper in the provided format (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)
  5. your paper should be submitted no later than December 9th, 2018 - 23.59 WITA

Penting: Tulisan harus orisinil (tidak mencaplok tulisan dari Internet - jikapun harus, lakukan paraphrasing & cantumkan sumber pada referensi tulisan).

Jika tulisan Anda terbukti disadur dari Internet tanpa paraphrasing (plagiat) - baik itu dari satu maupun dari beberapa sumber yang digabung - maka secara otomatis karya Anda tidak akan dinilai.

Aspects to Assess

  1. originality & novelty (80%)
  2. sentence structure (20%)


If you are confused, I provide an example of my narrative writing that I've written myself entitled "Narrative Writing: My Journey in Learning English".

Score Improvement

If you think you need to work on your score, then make a short video that shows yourself speaking English. Here are the provisions:

  1. Duration of talking should be at least 3 minutes long.
  2. You may talk about everything, such as:
    1. previous topic (passage(s))
    2. your hometown or an interesting place
    3. etc. (etcetera)
  3. Do not forget to mention your name and your class clearly. If needed, mention your ID number too to make sure your score.
  4. Upload your video to Youtube with the following format:
    • Title: #PGSD2018 (space) Your_Class (space) Your_Name (example: #PGSD2018 BC10 Andi)
  5. Send its link through whatsapp or SMS (+6281241792412)

Wish you all luck, students!!!