Verb-Particle Combinations Begin with Y (9)

On this page are 9 Verb-Particle Combinations starting with the letter "Y".

Base Past Verb Past Participle Present Participle Definitions Example
Yack on Yacked on Yacked on Yacking on 1. To talk or converse incessantly, often about unimportant or trivial matters, without pausing or allowing others to speak.

2. To engage in lengthy and tedious conversation that may be perceived as boring or annoying.
1. During the long car ride, she yacked on about her recent shopping spree, oblivious to her friends' attempts to change the topic.

2. He tends to yack on and on at social gatherings, making it difficult for others to have meaningful conversations.

3. Please stop yacking on the phone; I need to get some work done.
Yammer on Yammered on Yammered on Yammering on 1. To talk incessantly, often in a whining or complaining manner, without paying attention to the listeners' interest or response.

2. To engage in lengthy and annoying conversation, especially about trivial or unimportant topics.
1. She yammered on about her co-worker's behavior, not realizing that her friends had heard the story multiple times.

2. He kept yammering on about his new gadget, even though no one was particularly interested.

3. The politician yammered on during the debate, making it hard for the moderator to keep the discussion on track.
Yank off Yanked off Yanked off Yanking off 1. To forcefully or abruptly remove something from a surface or object by pulling it with a quick and strong motion.

2. To take off or remove clothing or an item from someone quickly and forcefully.
1. He yanked off the poster from the wall, tearing it in the process.

2. She yanked off her wet clothes after getting caught in the rain.

3. The mechanic had to yank off the stubborn bolt to access the engine's components.
Yap at Yapped at Yapped at Yapping at 1. To nag or complain at someone persistently, often in an annoying or repetitive manner.

2. To scold or criticize someone verbally, especially in a continuous or irritating way.
1. She yapped at her children to clean their rooms for hours.

2. The manager yapped at the employees for not meeting the deadline, but it didn't improve their productivity.

3. He couldn't stand his roommate constantly yapping at him about his messy habits.
Yearn for Yearned for Yearned for Yearning for 1. To have a strong and persistent desire or longing for something, often something that is out of reach or in the past.

2. To crave or wish for something intensely, often with a sense of nostalgia or sadness.
1. She yearned for the days when she lived by the ocean.

2. He yearned for success in his career and was willing to work hard to achieve it.

3. The old man yearned for his childhood home, which he had not visited in decades.
Yell out Yelled out Yelled out Yelling out 1. To shout loudly or vociferate, often in a sudden or urgent manner.

2. To express something loudly, such as a warning, exclamation, or command.
1. She yelled out for help when she got stuck in the elevator.

2. He yelled out in excitement when his favorite team scored a goal.

3. It's important to yell out a warning if you see a potential danger to others.
Yield to Yielded to Yielded to Yielding to 1. To give in, submit, or surrender to someone or something, often in response to pressure, persuasion, or a stronger force.

2. To allow or make way for someone or something else, typically by stepping aside or giving up a position.
1. He decided to yield to the demands of the protesters and address their concerns.

2. In traffic, it's important to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks for their safety.

3. The company chose to yield to market trends and adapt its product offerings accordingly.
Yield up Yielded up Yielded up Yielding up 1. To surrender or give up something, often reluctantly or under pressure, especially when it is demanded or required.

2. To produce or provide something, such as information or evidence, typically in response to a request or inquiry.
1. The suspect eventually yielded up the stolen goods to the police.

2. The investigation yielded up crucial documents that shed light on the case.

3. She had to yield up her seat on the bus to an elderly passenger as a sign of courtesy.
Yoke up Yoked up Yoked up Yoking up 1. To join or connect two or more things together using a yoke, harness, or similar device, often for the purpose of working together as a team or for control.

2. To unite or pair two individuals or entities, typically for a specific purpose or collaboration.
1. The oxen were yoked up to plow the fields for the planting season.

2. The two companies yoked up to develop a new software application.

3. In ancient times, people would yoke up multiple horses to pull heavy loads.