Verb-Particle Combinations Begin with V (22)

On this page are 22 Verb-Particle Combinations starting with the letter "V".

Base Past Verb Past Participle Present Participle Definitions Example
Vacuum up Vacuumed up Vacuumed up Vacuuming up To use a vacuum cleaner to collect or remove dirt, dust, debris, or liquid from a surface. She vacuumed up the spilled cereal from the kitchen floor.
Vamp up Vamped up Vamped up Vamping up 1. To intensify or increase something, often to make it more exciting, attractive, or effective.

2. To revitalize or give a fresh and dynamic quality to something that has become dull or outdated.

3. To enhance or embellish a story or performance to make it more compelling or dramatic.
1. They decided to vamp up the marketing campaign with eye-catching visuals.

2. The company vamped up its product line to stay competitive in the market.

3. The actor vamped up his role in the play, adding depth and emotion to his performance.
Veer onto Veered onto Veered onto Veering onto 1. To change direction suddenly and move onto a different course, path, or route, often unintentionally or unexpectedly.

2. To deviate from a planned or established path or trajectory and head in a different direction.
1. The car veered onto the shoulder of the road to avoid a collision.

2. The aircraft veered onto a different flight path due to turbulence.
Veg out Vegged out Vegged out Vegging out 1. To relax and do nothing, often by sitting or lying down in a lazy or unproductive manner.

2. To unwind and engage in leisure activities, typically involving minimal physical or mental effort.
1. After a long day at work, he likes to veg out on the couch and watch TV.

2. During the weekend, they enjoy vegging out at the beach, just soaking up the sun and listening to the waves.
Vent out Vented out Vented out Venting out 1. To express or release strong emotions, frustrations, or grievances, often by speaking or writing about them.

2. To let out or ventilate feelings or thoughts in order to relieve stress or tension.
1. After a tough day at work, he needed to vent out his frustrations to a friend.

2. Writing in a journal can be a healthy way to vent out your thoughts and emotions.
Venture forth Ventured forth Ventured forth Venturing forth 1. To set out or embark on a journey, expedition, or exploration, often with a sense of courage, curiosity, or determination.

2. To move or extend into a new or unknown territory, often figuratively.
1. They ventured forth into the dense forest, eager to discover its secrets.

2. The young entrepreneur decided to venture forth into the world of technology startups.
Venture into Ventured into Ventured into Venturing into 1. To enter or explore a new and potentially risky area or domain, often with a sense of curiosity, courage, or business interest.

2. To embark on a new activity, project, or endeavor that involves uncertainty or challenges.
1. The company decided to venture into the global market to expand its reach.

2. She ventured into the world of entrepreneurship and started her own business
Venture out Ventured out Ventured out Venturing out 1. To leave one's usual or safe environment and explore or go into a different or unfamiliar place.

2. To take a risk or try something new, often outside of one's comfort zone.
1. They decided to venture out into the city to explore its vibrant neighborhoods.

2. After years of working in the corporate world, she finally ventured out to start her own business.
View as Viewed as Viewed as Viewing as 1. To consider or perceive someone or something in a particular way or with a specific opinion or judgment.

2. To regard or hold an individual or thing in a certain light or context.
1. Many people view her as a talented artist.

2. The proposal is viewed as a significant step toward solving the problem.
Verge on Verged on Verged on Verging on 1. To come very close to a particular state, condition, quality, or action, often without fully reaching it.

2. To be on the edge or brink of something, typically with a sense of approaching or bordering.
1. Her excitement verged on hysteria as she waited for the announcement.

2. The film's dark humor often verges on satire, highlighting social issues through comedy.
Vie for Vied for Vied for Vying for 1. To compete or contend with others for a particular position, honor, prize, or achievement.

2. To strive or compete in order to achieve a goal or gain an advantage over others.
1. Several talented athletes are vying for the gold medal in the upcoming competition.

2. The two companies have been vying for dominance in the market for years.
Voice out Voiced out Voiced out Voicing out 1. To express or communicate one's thoughts, opinions, or concerns openly and audibly.

2. To speak up or make one's viewpoint known, often in a public or assertive manner.
1. She voiced out her dissatisfaction with the company's decision during the meeting.

2. The students voiced out their support for a more sustainable campus during the rally.
Volunteer for Volunteered for Volunteered for Volunteering for 1. To offer or give one's services, time, or assistance willingly and without payment for a specific task, organization, or cause.

2. To step forward and express a willingness to take on a particular responsibility or role.
1. She volunteered for the local animal shelter to help care for abandoned pets.

2. Many employees volunteered for the charity event to support a good cause.
Volunteer to Volunteered to Volunteered to Volunteering to 1. To offer or give one's services, time, or assistance willingly and without payment for a specific task, organization, or cause.

2. To express a willingness to take on a particular responsibility or role.
1. She volunteered to help clean up the park after the event.

2. He volunteered to lead the community fundraising campaign.
Vote down Voted down Voted down Voting down 1. To reject or oppose a proposal, idea, motion, or suggestion through a formal voting process.

2. To cast a negative vote or ballot against a particular measure or decision.
1. The committee voted down the proposed budget due to concerns about its feasibility.

2. The majority of the members voted down the new policy during the meeting.
Vote for Voted for Voted for Voting for 1. To cast a positive vote or ballot in support of a particular candidate, proposal, or option in a formal election or poll.

2. To express one's endorsement or preference for a specific choice or decision.
1. She voted for her favorite candidate in the presidential election.

2. The majority of the committee members are voting for the new budget plan.
Vote in Voted in Voted in Voting in 1. To elect or choose someone for a position or office through a formal voting process.

2. To cast a positive vote or ballot in favor of a particular candidate or proposal.
1. The citizens voted in a new mayor during the municipal elections.

2. The members of the board unanimously voted in the proposed changes to the company's bylaws.
Vote off Voted off Voted off Voting off 1. To eliminate or remove someone from a competition, contest, or position through a formal voting process.

2. To cast a negative vote or ballot in favor of removing a participant or candidate.
1. In each round, the contestants are asked to vote off one of their fellow competitors.

2. The audience members voted off the contestant with the lowest score on the reality show.
Vote out Voted out Voted out Voting out 1. To remove or dismiss someone from a position, office, or authority through a formal voting process.

2. To cast a negative vote or ballot in favor of removing a person from a particular role or position.
1. The citizens voted out the incumbent mayor in the recent election.

2. Shareholders voted out the CEO due to dissatisfaction with the company's performance.
Vote with Voted with Voted with Voting with 1. To cast a vote or ballot in alignment with a particular group, party, or position.

2. To express one's support or agreement through a formal voting process by choosing the same option as others.
1. The senator decided to vote with the opposition party on this important bill.

2. Many members of the council voted with their colleagues in favor of the resolution.
Vouch for Vouched for Vouched for Vouching for 1. To express or provide assurance, support, or a guarantee for someone's character, trustworthiness, or abilities.

2. To confirm or verify the truth or accuracy of something or someone.

3. To testify or affirm the reliability or credibility of a person or statement.
1. I can vouch for her integrity; she's one of the most honest people I know.

2. His impeccable track record vouched for his competence in the field.

3. Several witnesses vouched for the accuracy of the eyewitness account of the accident.
Vow to Vowed to Vowed to Vowing to 1. To make a solemn promise or commitment to do something or achieve a particular goal.

2. To pledge or declare with great sincerity and determination.
1. She vowed to help those in need by volunteering at the local shelter.

2. They both vowed to support each other through thick and thin in their marriage vows.