Verb-Particle Combinations Begin with U (4)

On this page are 4 Verb-Particle Combinations starting with the letter "U".

Base Past Verb Past Participle Present Participle Definitions Example
Urge on Urged on Urged on Urging on 1. To encourage or push someone to continue or increase their efforts, often in a supportive or motivating manner.

2. To stimulate or prompt someone to take action or make progress in a particular direction.
1. The coach urged on the team during the final minutes of the game.

2. She urged on her friend to pursue her dreams and not give up.

3. The crowd's cheers urged the marathon runner on to the finish line.
Urge upon Urged upon Urged upon Urging upon 1. To strongly recommend or persuade someone to accept or take something, often as a suggestion or advice.

2. To present or offer something enthusiastically to someone with the hope they will accept or adopt it.
1. He urged the new project proposal upon the team, believing it would bring great benefits.

2. She urged her favorite book upon her friend, convinced that they would enjoy reading it.

3. The chef urged his special dish upon the customers, claiming it was a must-try item on the menu.
Use up Used up Used up Using up 1. To deplete or exhaust a resource, supply, or quantity of something by using it completely.

2. To consume or expend all of a particular item or resource.

3. To utilize something to its maximum extent.
1. They managed to use up all the available time for the project.

2. She used up the last of the milk for her cereal.

3. The team is focused on using up their remaining energy to finish the race strong.
Usher in Ushered in Ushered in Ushering in 1. To introduce or bring about something, often a new era, period, or significant change.

2. To signal or mark the beginning of a particular event or development.

3. To lead or guide someone into a place or situation with formality or ceremony.
1. The new technology has ushered in a revolution in the way we communicate.

2. The bells ringing at midnight ushered in the New Year.

3. The ushers at the theater ushered in the guests with a warm welcome and directed them to their seats.