Verb-Particle Combinations Begin with N (30)

On this page are 30 Verb-Particle Combinations starting with the letter "N".

Base Past Verb Past Participle Present Participle Definitions Example
Naff off Naffed off Naffed off Naffing off To express annoyance or tell someone to go away, often considered rude or impolite. He told his annoying coworker to naff off after being interrupted for the third time.
Nag at Nagged at Nagged at Nagging at 1. To constantly criticize or annoy someone by complaining or fault-finding.

2. To repeatedly remind or pester someone to do something.

3. To cause persistent worry or anxiety.
1. She would always nag at him for leaving dirty dishes in the sink.

2. He had to nag at his kids to do their homework.

3. The thought of the upcoming exam nagged at her all night.
Nail down Nailed down Nailed down Nailing down 1. To secure something firmly in place using nails.

2. To establish or determine something with certainty.

3. To specify or finalize details or plans.

4. To achieve or accomplish something successfully.
1. He used a hammer to nail down the loose boards.

2. We need to nail down the exact date for the meeting.

3. Let's nail down the itinerary for our trip.

4. They were able to nail down a new contract with the client.
Name after Named after Named after Naming after 1. To give a person, place, or thing the same name as another person, place, or thing, often as a form of tribute or honor.

2. To choose a name for someone or something based on the influence or inspiration of another person or thing.

3. To designate or call something by the name of a particular person or thing.
1. They decided to name their son after his grandfather.

2. The city was named after a famous explorer.

3. She named the company after her favorite childhood book character.
Name for Named for Named for Naming for 1. To designate or call something by a specific name.

2. To choose a name for someone or something that reflects a particular quality, characteristic, or purpose.
1. What's the name for this type of flower?

2. The street is named for a local hero who served in the war.
Narrow down Narrowed down Narrowed down Narrowing down 1. To reduce the number of options or possibilities, making something more specific or focused.

2. To limit or refine a search or selection.

3. To pinpoint or identify the exact details or cause of something.
1. Let's narrow down our choices for the vacation destination.

2. The detective tried to narrow down the list of suspects.

3. Can you narrow down the source of the problem?
Navigate through Navigated through Navigated through Navigating through 1. To successfully find a path or route through a place, often with the help of a map or directions.

2. To move through a complex or challenging situation with skill and determination.
1. She had to navigate through the dense forest to reach the hidden waterfall.

2. The team navigated through a series of obstacles to complete the mission.
Nerd out Nerded out Nerded out Nerding out 1. To engage in activities or discussions related to one's passionate and specialized interests, typically associated with academic, technical, or niche subjects.

2. To become intensely focused on or obsessed with a particular topic or hobby, often to the exclusion of other activities.
1. They like to nerd out about astronomy and astrophysics.

2. He's nerding out over the latest video game release.
Nestle down Nestled down Nestled down Nestling down To settle or snuggle comfortably into a cozy or secure position, typically for rest or sleep. After a long day of hiking, she nestled down into her sleeping bag for a good night's sleep.
Nestle up Nestled up Nestled up Nestling up To snuggle or cuddle close to someone or something in an affectionate or cozy manner. On a cold winter evening, they nested up on the couch, wrapped in blankets.
Nibble away at Nibbled away at Nibbled away at Nibbling away at 1. To eat something slowly and in small bites, often over an extended period.

2. To erode or diminish something gradually, typically through persistent effort or consumption.
1. She nibbled away at the large sandwich throughout the afternoon.

2. The constant dripping water nibbled away at the stone, eventually creating a small hole.
Nip in Nipped in Nipped in Nipping in 1. To enter or go into a place quickly or briefly.

2. To make a quick visit or appearance.

3. To become involved in a conversation or situation for a short time.
1. I'll just nip in the store for some milk.

2. She nipped in to say hello.

3. He decided to nip in on our discussion.
Nip off Nipped off Nipped off Nipping off 1. To remove something quickly or with a small cut, often by biting or cutting.

2. To leave or depart abruptly or briefly.
1. She had to nip off a loose thread from her shirt.

2. I will have to nip off for a moment to make a phone call.
Nod at Nodded at Nodded at Nodding at 1. To make a quick, brief nod or gesture of recognition or agreement toward someone.

2. To indicate or acknowledge something with a nod.

3. To give a silent signal or approval with a nod of the head.
1. He nodded at me when I walked into the room.

2. She nodded at the document on the table.

3. We nodded at each other to proceed quietly.
Nod off Nodded off Nodded off Nodding off 1. To fall asleep, especially unintentionally or in a place where sleeping is not customary.

2. To become drowsy and begin to sleep briefly or intermittently.
1. I tend to nod off during long meetings.

2. She nodded off while reading a book.
Nod to Nodded to Nodded to Nodding to 1. To make a quick, slight movement of the head, typically to indicate agreement, acknowledgment, or greeting.

2. To gesture with a nod as a way of communicating or signaling something.
1. He nodded to me in passing.

2. She nodded to the waiter to bring the check.
Nose around Nosed around Nosed around Nosing around 1. To snoop or investigate inquisitively, often in other people's business or personal affairs.

2. To explore or search a place or area with curiosity.
1. She's always nosing around in my private stuff.

2. The detective nosed around the crime scene for clues.
Note down Noted down Noted down Noting down 1. To write or record something in order to remember or document it.

2. To make a written or mental note of something for future reference.
1. Please note down the important points from the meeting.

2. I always note down interesting ideas in my notebook.
Note on Noted on Noted on Noting on 1. To make a written or verbal observation or comment about something.

2. To provide additional information or details about a particular topic or issue.

3. To acknowledge or recognize a specific point or aspect.
1. I would like to note on the importance of this decision.

2. The professor will note on the significance of this historical event.

3. Let's note on the key points discussed in the meeting.
Note out Noted out Noted out Noting out 1. To eliminate or remove a particular item or aspect from something.

2. To make a note or annotation on a document or piece of writing.

3. To bring attention to or highlight a specific detail or point.
1. We need to note out any errors in the report.

2. The editor will note out any inconsistencies in the manuscript.

3. Please note out the key findings in the research paper.
Nudge about Nudged about Nudged about Nudging about 1. To gently push or poke someone or something in order to get their attention or encourage them to move.

2. To subtly and persistently bring up or mention a topic or issue in conversation, often in an attempt to persuade or remind someone about it.

3. To encourage or prompt someone to take action or make a decision by giving them small reminders or suggestions.
1. He had to nudge about the cat to make it move from his chair.

2. She would nudge about the upcoming project deadline during their lunch break.

3. We'll have to nudge about the importance of submitting the report on time.
Nudge out Nudged out Nudged out Nudging out 1. To gently or subtly persuade or influence someone to leave a position or situation.

2. To displace or remove someone or something from a particular place or position, often with persistent effort or persuasion.

3. To encourage or prompt someone to exit or vacate a place or situation.
1. They managed to nudge out the competitor from the market by offering lower prices.

2. She nudged out the old furniture to make room for the new sofa.

3. He decided to nudge out of the meeting when it became clear that his input wasn't needed.
Number among Numbered among Numbered among Numbering among 1. To include someone or something as part of a group or category.

2. To be considered as one of a group or category.

3. To be part of a specified set or group.
1. She numbered among the top students in the class.

2. This book numbers among the bestsellers of the year.

3. He was proud to number among the volunteers helping with the charity event.
Number off Numbered off Numbered off Numbering off To count aloud in sequence to determine order or assign positions, often used in group activities or games. The coach asked the players to number off to decide the batting order for the game.
Nurse along Nursed along Nursed along Nursing along 1. To care for or encourage the growth or development of someone or something, often through a challenging or difficult period.

2. To provide support or assistance to someone or something in need.
1. She nursed the injured bird along until it could fly again.

2. The team nursed along the struggling project, and it eventually became successful.
Nut out Nutted out Nutted out Nutting out 1. To solve or figure out a problem, typically through careful consideration and discussion.

2. To plan or work out the details of something.
1. We need to nut out the logistics of the event before we can proceed.

2. They spent hours nutting out a solution to the complex issue.
Nuzzle against Nuzzled against Nuzzled against Nuzzling against To gently rub or press one's nose or face affectionately against someone or something, typically as a sign of love or affection. The puppy nuzzled against its owner's hand, seeking attention and affection.
Nuzzle up Nuzzled up Nuzzled up Nuzzling up To cuddle or snuggle close to someone or something in an affectionate and cozy manner, often involving nuzzling with one's nose or face. On a chilly evening, they nuzzled up together under the warm blankets.
Nuzzle up against Nuzzled up against Nuzzled up against Nuzzling up against To cuddle or snuggle close to someone or something in an affectionate and cozy manner, with a particular focus on pressing or rubbing one's nose or face against them. The cat nuzzled up against its owner's cheek, seeking warmth and affection.
Nuzzle up to Nuzzled up to Nuzzled up to Nuzzling up to To cuddle or snuggle close to someone or something in an affectionate and cozy manner, especially while pressing or rubbing one's nose or face against them. She nuzzled up to her partner on the couch while watching a movie.