Verb-Particle Combinations Begin with J (18)

On this page are 18 Verb-Particle Combinations starting with the letter "J".

Base Past Verb Past Participle Present Participle Definitions Example
Jack around Jacked around Jacked around Jacking around 1. To waste time or procrastinate instead of doing something productive.

2. To deceive, manipulate, or mistreat someone.

3. To tinker with or adjust something in a casual or haphazard manner.
1. Stop jacking around and start working on your assignment.

2. He's been jacking me around with false promises.

3. Don't jack around with the settings; you might break it.
Jack in Jacked in Jacked in Jacking in 1. To connect or plug in an electrical or electronic device.

2. To join or become involved in a particular activity or group.

3. To withdraw from a situation or activity.

4. To understand or comprehend something, especially a concept or idea.
1. He jacked in his headphones and started listening to music.

2. After finishing his degree, he decided to jack in with a group of researchers.

3. She felt overwhelmed by the pressure and decided to jack in.

4. It took him a while to jack in the complexity of quantum mechanics.
Jack up Jacked up Jacked up Jacking up 1. To raise or lift something, typically using a mechanical device or effort.

2. To increase the price, cost, or level of something significantly.

3. To stimulate or increase something, such as energy or enthusiasm.

4. To make something more intense or extreme.
1. They had to jack up the car to change the flat tire.

2. The company decided to jack up the prices of their products.

3. The motivational speaker managed to jack up the crowd's enthusiasm.

4. Adding those spices will jack up the flavor of the dish.
Jam into Jammed into Jammed into Jamming into To forcefully or tightly fit into a space or container, often causing congestion or overcrowding. The passengers had to jam into the crowded subway during rush hour.
Jam up Jammed up Jammed up Jamming up 1. To become blocked, congested, or stuck, often causing delays or problems in a process or system. 1. The traffic jammed up on the highway, causing long delays for commuters.
Jazz up Jazzed up Jazzed up Jazzing up 1. To make something more interesting, exciting, or lively.

2. To improve the appearance or style of something.

3. To add embellishments or decorative elements.
1. She decided to jazz up the party with colorful decorations and music.

2. The designer jazzed up the old furniture with a fresh coat of paint and new hardware.

3. The chef jazzed up the dish with a drizzle of gourmet sauce and a sprinkle of fresh herbs.
Jerk around Jerked around Jerked around Jerking around 1. To treat someone unfairly or unkindly, often by deceiving or playing tricks on them.

2. To waste time or procrastinate instead of doing something productive.

3. To move or handle something roughly or carelessly.
1. He felt like his boss was jerking him around by constantly changing the project requirements.

2. Instead of studying, he spent the whole afternoon jerking around on social media.

3. Be careful not to jerk around with those fragile items; they could break easily.
Join in Joined in Joined in Joining in 1. To participate in an activity, event, or conversation with others.

2. To become a member of a group, organization, or team.
1. Joe decided to join in the game of soccer with his friends.

2. We are planning to join in the local community choir.
Join up Joined up Joined up Joining up 1. To become a member of a group, organization, or team.

2. To connect or link things together.

3. To enlist in the military.

4. To form a partnership or alliance with someone.

5. To bring people or things together for a common purpose.

6. To collaborate or work together on a project.

7. To combine forces or resources.

8. To align oneself with a particular cause or movement.
1. He decided to join up with the local charity organization.

2. The company plans to join up several departments to improve efficiency.

3. After high school, he chose to join up and serve in the Navy.

4. The two companies decided to join up and create a new product together.

5. They joined up volunteers from different backgrounds to tackle the community's issues.

6. The artists joined up to create a collaborative artwork.

7. The countries joined up to address climate change.

8. She decided to join up with the environmental movement to make a difference.
Join with Joined with Joined with Joining with 1. To become a member of a group, organization, or team in partnership with someone or something.

2. To align or collaborate with another person or entity for a common purpose or goal.
1. He decided to join with the local charity organization to help the community.

2. The company joined with a leading tech firm to develop innovative solutions.
Jot down Jotted down Jotted down Jotting down To quickly write something, often in a brief or informal manner, to record or remember it for later reference. I will jot down the important points from the meeting so that we don't forget them.
Jumble up Jumbled up Jumbled up Jumbling up To mix or confuse things in a disorderly manner. I accidentally jumbled up the papers on my desk, and now I can't find that important document.
Jump at Jumped at Jumped at Jumping at To eagerly accept or take advantage of an opportunity, offer, or suggestion. They jumped at the idea of starting a new project together.
Jump in Jumped in Jumped in Jumping in To become involved in a situation or activity, often without hesitation. He decided to jump in and help with the project, even though he had little experience in that area.
Jump on Jumped on Jumped on Jumping on To criticize or reprimand someone, typically in a harsh or unfair manner. The boss jumped on the employee for the mistake in the report.
Jump out Jumped out Jumped out Jumping out To become very noticeable or obvious. The bright colors of the flowers make them jump out in the garden.
Jump over Jumped over Jumped over Jumping over To leap or spring over an obstacle or barrier. The athlete easily jumped over the high hurdle during the race.
Jut out Jutted out Jutted out Jutting out To extend or protrude outward from a surface. The rocky cliff jutted out over the sea, creating a dramatic view.