Verb-Particle Combinations Begin with I (29)

On this page are 29 Verb-Particle Combinations starting with the letter "I".

Base Past Verb Past Participle Present Participle Definitions Example
Identify with Identified with Identified with Identifying with 1. To feel a strong connection or affinity with someone or something, often due to shared characteristics, experiences, or beliefs.

2. To perceive oneself as similar to or part of a particular group, culture, or identity.
1. She identifies with the struggles of single parents because she was raised by a single mother.

2. Many young people today identify with the values of environmental sustainability and social justice.
Immerse in Immersed in Immersed in Immersing in 1. To become fully involved or absorbed in a particular activity, experience, or environment.

2. To surround or submerge something completely in a liquid or substance.
1. She likes to immerse herself in a good book on the weekends.

2. The chef will immerse the vegetables in boiling water for a few seconds to blanch them.
Impact on Impacted on Impacted on Impacting on 1. To have an effect or influence on something.

2. To collide with or strike something with force.
1. The economic recession had a significant impact on the company's profits.

2. The car accident impacted on the front bumper, causing significant damage.
Impinge on Impinged on Impinged on Impinging on 1. To have a noticeable and usually unwelcome effect on something.

2. To encroach or infringe on someone else's rights, space, or boundaries.
1. The economic crisis impinged on their ability to invest in new projects.

2. The new construction project impinged on the neighboring properties, causing disputes.
Imprint with Imprinted with Imprinted with Imprinting with 1. To create a lasting or memorable impression on something or someone.

2. To mark or stamp something with a particular design, pattern, or information.
1. The beautiful landscape imprinted with a sense of tranquility in her mind.

2. The logo was imprinted with the company's name and slogan.
Impose on Imposed on Imposed on Imposing on 1. To force or place a burden, duty, or obligation on someone.

2. To intrude on someone's time, space, or privacy without their consent.
1. The new tax law will impose additional financial burdens on middle-income families.

2. I didn't want to impose on their hospitality, so I declined their offer to stay overnight.
Improve on Improved on Improved on Improving on To make enhancements or refinements to something in order to make it better or more effective. She decided to improve on her previous design by adding more details and colors.
Incline towards Inclined towards Inclined towards Inclining towards 1. To have a tendency or preference for something.

2. To lean or tilt in a particular direction physically or figuratively.
1. He always inclined towards a career in music.

2. The tower was inclining towards the north due to strong winds.
Indulge in Indulged in Indulged in Indulging in 1. To allow oneself to enjoy or partake in something to excess, especially something pleasurable or indulgent.

2. To gratify or yield to one's desires or whims.
1. She decided to indulge in a piece of chocolate cake, even though she was on a diet.

2. During the vacation, they indulged in all their favorite activities, from sunbathing to fine dining.
Inform on Informed on Informed on Informing on 1. To provide information or evidence about someone's wrongdoing to the authorities or another party.

2. To report or betray someone to the authorities for their illegal or unethical activities.
1. He decided to inform on his former associates to reduce his own sentence.

2. Some people are afraid to inform on criminals for fear of retaliation.
Infringe on Infringed on Infringed on Infringing on 1. To violate or breach a law, rule, agreement, or right, often by encroaching on someone else's territory or rights.

2. To encroach upon or invade someone's personal space, privacy, or comfort in a way that causes discomfort or annoyance.
1. The new regulations infringe on our freedom of speech.

2. Please don't infringe on my personal space like that.
Infuse with Infused with Infused with Infusing with To fill or permeate something with a particular quality, substance, or influence. The chef infused the dish with aromatic herbs, enhancing its flavor.
Ink in Inked in Inked in Inking in To draw or write something using ink, typically in a careful or detailed manner. She inked in the final details of the illustration.
Inquire about Inquired about Inquired about Inquiring about To seek information or details about something through asking questions. He inquired about the availability of tickets for the concert.
Inquire after Inquired after Inquired after Inquiring after To ask about someone's well-being or condition. She inquired after your health when you were sick.
Inquire into Inquired into Inquired into Inquiring into To investigate or look into a matter or issue thoroughly. The committee decided to inquire into the allegations of misconduct.
Insinuate into Insinuated into Insinuated into Insinuating into To subtly introduce or suggest something into a situation or conversation, often with a hidden or ulterior motive. She tried to insinuate herself into the group's plans for the weekend.
Insist on Insisted on Insisted on Insisting on 1. To assert or demand firmly and persistently.

2. To continue doing something in a determined manner despite resistance or opposition.
1. She insisted on finishing the project despite the setbacks.

2. He insisted on his right to a fair trial.
Intend to Intended to Intended to Intending to 1. To have a plan or purpose to do something in the future.

2. To have a specific intention or aim in mind.
1. She intends to start a new business next year.

2. I intended to visit the museum, but I didn't have enough time.
Interfere with Interfered with Interfered with Interfering with 1. To become involved in someone else's business or affairs without being invited or needed.

2. To hinder or obstruct the normal functioning, progress, or development of something.
1. He always interferes with our conversations, even when we don't want his input.

2. The bad weather interfered with our plans to go camping.
Inure to Inured to Inured to Inuring to To become accustomed to something unpleasant or difficult over time, making it less bothersome or painful. After years of hard work, he had inured himself to the long hours and stress of his job.
Invest in Invested in Invested in Investing in To put money, time, or resources into a business, project, or opportunity with the expectation of achieving a profitable return. He decided to invest in real estate, hoping to generate passive income from rental properties.
Invite around Invited around Invited around Inviting around To ask someone to come to your house or a specific location, typically for a social gathering or event. He invited his friends around for a barbecue on Saturday.
Invite out Invited out Invited out Inviting out To ask someone to go out or accompany you, typically for a social activity (such as dinner, a movie, etc.). He decided to invite her out for a romantic dinner.
Invite over Invited over Invited over Inviting over To ask someone to come to your house or a specific location, typically for a social gathering or event. We should invite the neighbors over for dinner sometime.
Invest in Invested in Invested in Investing in To put money, time, or resources into a particular venture, project, or asset with the expectation of achieving a profit or benefit in the future. Many people choose to invest in real estate for long-term financial security.
Involve in Involved in Involved in Involving in 1. To include or engage someone or something in a particular activity, situation, or process.

2. To participate or take part in something.

3. To entangle or connect someone or something with a situation or problem.
1. I can't involve you in this project; it's too complicated.

2. She's actively involved in volunteering at the local shelter.

3. His actions will involve the company in a legal dispute.
Issue from Issued from Issued from Issuing from 1. To originate or arise from a particular source or cause.

2. To be a result or consequence of something.
1. Many problems in the company issue from poor communication among the teams.

2. The tensions between the two countries issued from historical conflicts.
Itch for Itched for Itched for Itching for 1. To have a strong desire or craving for something, often something specific.

2. To be eager or impatient to do or experience something.
1. After a week of healthy eating, she was itching for a slice of chocolate cake.

2. The kids were itching for the summer vacation to begin.