Dealing with Validity of Educational Product and Its Pedagogical Features

This post is especially written for researcher who are conducting research that offers internet-based educational product including its pedagogical features.

In this post, I mainly talk about the validity of the web-based academic English module - an educational product which is especially designed and developed for ESP students at Universitas Negeri Makassar.

Expert judgment can be the solution for the validity of your internet-based educational product. The crucial point here is the content of your validation sheet.

There are at least 4 aspects to be judged by expert, they are:

  • Pedagogical features of your product;
  • Technical features;
  • Instructional language applied;
  • Format & presentation

Here is the discussion of each aspect.

Pedagogical features

Pedagogical features simply refer to aspects that your designed and developed educational product offers in dealing with teaching and learning. For the case of website as coursebook/module, it may discuss about conformity with:

  1. Curriculum, syllabus and lesson plan;
  2. Target subject matter
  3. Vision and mission of institution
  4. Objectives
  5. Target users' needs and wants
  6. Target users' characteristics

These are the fundamental points of pedagogy. In validating the pedagogical features of your educational product, you may write a questionnaire that especially focuses on pedagogical features to be addressed to validator who are expert on the field you are researching.

In developing questionnaire statements or items, each of the mentioned points previously can be transformed into several questions, depends on your focus.

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