Best USB Microphones: "Work from Home" Edition

In this post are 5 USB microphones that can be chosen for teaching purposes through Zoom Meeting and Google Classroom.

#1 Audio Technica ATR 2100x

Audio Technica is a giant audio brand that you can trust. Myriad podcasters, voice over artists and other content creators around the world recommend Audio Technica as trustworthy brand to assist your online works such as teaching, lecturing, conferencing, etc.

Audio Technica ATR 2100x comes in original size of regular microphone. What makes it different is just features you can find on the bottom of the unit; a dedicated volume knob to control volume, 3.5mm jack headphone to listen to your speaking partner, regular XLR socket to connect the unit to mixer/audio interface and USB-type C to connect the unit to laptop, smartphone and tablet.

When it comes to online works, you can just simply connect the unit via USB type-C connection and you can start speaking and listening through the unit.


Its features should become the reason why it is placed at the second rank. It is miniature-sized USB microphone that is portable and compact. If you opt RODE NT-USB Mini, it would not take significant space inside your bag.

#3 Elgato Wave 3 & 1

Elgato Wave 3 is the most superior USB microphone when it is compared with the previous two USB microphones mentioned in this post. It comes with great software (Elgato Link) that provides you feature to route your input and output. It will enable you to add some background music such as from Youtube or Spotify as the background music while you are talking.

The cheaper version is known as Elgato Wave 1 which comes with some downgrade features when it is compared with Elgato Wave 3. However, Elgato Wave 1 is also a great choice as it produces the same audio quality.