Small HD Cameras for Researcher

In conducting your research, you sometimes need some HD cameras which do not attract your participants’ focus such as in-class research. To deal with this kind of situation, you will need small and handy camera. In this blogpost, I will explore some of my best choices.

#1 OSMO Action

This camera is not intended for researchers but they can take advantage of its portable and handy design. The size which is relatively small can be beneficial for researchers who does not want to attract his/her participants’ focus when conducting research as it can be attached on a table. It can even be wearable.

#2 Insta360 Go

It is the smallest camera on earth in 2020. It can record HD videos as well as capturing high quality pictures. It is also wearable which can be mounted everywhere.

#3 GoPro, Osmo Action, Insta360 One R

GoPro cameras are all small and handy. Similar with Osmo Action from DJI and One R from Insta360. They can capture 4K videos as well as capturing high quality pictures. These are all action cameras which enable any researcher to record videos invisibly. It allows researcher to focus on his/her research he/she conducts while the research participants focus will not be attracted by the camera. It is also wearable.

#4 Sony RX-0

This is the highest quality camera that can be opted in handling video recording or photo taking while conducting research. The price is as high as the quality. The size is almost similar with GoPro, DJI OSMO Action, and Insta360 One R. However, this does not have in-camera stabilization which means that this camera is only suitable for recording in-class events. For better use, just place the camera on the table and make sure it does not move. However, it supports the use of external microphone for better quality audio.

#5 Fimi Palm & Feiyu Pocket

It clones the size and shape of DJI Osmo Pocket. They also offer HD (high definition) video recording quality. The good news is that Fimi Palm and Feiyu Pocket are below the price range of DJI OSMO Action.