Learn English through Podcast: My Favorite Channels

Podcast has promising potential that offers non-native English speakers convenience way in learning English. Listening to podcast is as easy as listening to radio. Thing that makes it different is that podcast enables you to choose what you want to listen. When you want to go deep into American or British English, grammar, and expressions, podcast is always ready to accommodate you anytime and anywhere.

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Claims on Web-based Language Learning

The advancement of information and technology has invited many researchers from all over the world to conduct academic research studies on web-based language learning.The most common term that is especially used to refer to the utilization of technology in language learning is known as CALL which stands for "computer-assisted language learning". CALL simply refers to the utilization of electronic media such as computer or laptop in language learning.

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Research Variable

Determining research variables is a quite easy task. However,

Grounded Theory Coding

Coding is associated with and becomes the key essential element grounded theory method. Grounded theory itself stems from work of Strauss and Corbin in 1990. After inventing grounded theory, there are abundant publications that discuss it. Meaning that, this one is phenomenal in social science.

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