key to be fluent in english

English, as any other language, should be seen as skill rather than theory. One who is good at English is he who is fluent in speaking and writing his idea in English - those who can explain how sentences are formed are called linguists. If your target is to be fluent, then do everything you think will work for you. Phenomena that describe this best are swimming, riding bicycle, and driving. You should invest your time as well as effort to train and familiarize yourself with English.

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Hypnolearning: Hypnosis in Foreign Language Learning

Hypnosis, by Powers (1961, p.5)1, is defined as "a state of heightened suggestibility in which the subject is able to uncritically accept ideas for self-improvement and act on them appropriately".

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Learn English through Podcast: My Favorite Channels

Podcast has promising potential that offers non-native English speakers convenience way in learning English. Listening to podcast is as easy as listening to radio. Thing that makes it different is that podcast enables you to choose what you want to listen. When you want to go deep into American or British English, grammar, and expressions, podcast is always ready to accommodate you anytime and anywhere.

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Claims on Web-based Language Learning

The advancement of information and technology has invited many researchers from all over the world to conduct academic research studies on web-based language learning.The most common term that is especially used to refer to the utilization of technology in language learning is known as CALL which stands for "computer-assisted language learning". CALL simply refers to the utilization of electronic media such as computer or laptop in language learning.

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Research Variable

Determining research variables is a quite easy task. However,