Learn English through Podcast: My Favorite Channels

Podcast has promising potential that offers non-native English speakers convenience way in learning English. Listening to podcast is as easy as listening to radio. Thing that makes it different is that podcast enables you to choose what you want to listen. When you want to go deep into American or British English, grammar, and expressions, podcast is always ready to accommodate you anytime and anywhere.

#1 Learn English Broadcast

It provides great resources for Indonesian students who want to be fluent in productive skill (speaking) as well as receptive skill (listening). Thing that makes it great is all sentences are spoken clearly and by native English speaker at slower pace. This channel is formerly known as Special English podcast.

While doing nothing, I usually opt to listen to podcast that is intentionally built to help non-native speakers learn English. When you listen to this channel through laptop or computer, you will be offered downloadable episodes for you to listen. Listening through iOS or Android apps, such as Google Podcast, is also great.

#2 Luke's English Podcast (LEP)

When you want to go deep into British English accent, Luke's English Podcast (LEP) is a great choice. Among many podcast channels that offer the learning of British English accent, LEP is my favorite one. Although this podcast is handled by individual, devices used in recording all episodes are high-end. Meaning that the pronunciation delivered is crystal-clear. This podcast is not for beginner since the podcaster delivers his speech in quite fast pace. However, transcripts are available. For beginner level students, they can train their listening skill while reading the transcript.

#3 All Ears English Podcast (AEE)

This podcast channel is maintained by 2 beautiful native speakers of English. They collaborate in an excellent formation in delivering episodes that teach listeners English. For me, this channel is more oriented to grammar learning and ready-to-use English expressions. If you want to know more about English grammar and expressions, go listen and subscribe this channel.