How to get your manuscript published

For teachers and lecturers, conducting research and getting it published is a requirement. It is the manifestation of your professionalism. Then, how to get your manuscript published? Here are some technical points you should carefully watch.

Know your target publisher

Knowing your target publisher is a must. In getting your manuscript published, you should carefully choose where your manuscript will be published. First of all, you should have a list of journal publishers that cover your research theme. After you collect all potential publishers, read some samples of journal that have been published. Learn how the writers compose their manuscript. It is very important since samples of journals you read has passed long processes before it is finally published.


Make sure your manuscript meets the topic or theme of journal publisher you target. It is essential because it does not matter how great your manuscript is. If it is out of topic or theme, your manuscript will be rejected.

Referencing style

Each journal publisher has its own referencing style. You should make sure that your manuscript has applied the appropriate referencing style. Regarding this point, you had better learn about some popular referencing styles such as APA, Oxford, Vancouver, etc.


Since your manuscript should be grammatically correct, then you should make sure that there is no grammatical mistake in your manuscript. You may verify your manuscript by the help of “Grammarly” or just by using word processor you use in writing your manuscript. Pages on iOS and Microsoft Word have capability to detect grammatical mistake. Put your attention to underlined word, clause, and phrase. Grammatical mistakes must be red-underlined.


Make sure all sentences in your manuscript are free of plagiarism. In dealing with plagiarism, the simplest and the most accurate technique is by doing paraphrasing. If you read statement that you want to put in your manuscript, make sure that you understand it well. It will ease you in paraphrasing or restating an argument in your own words.

Plagiarism becomes the number one enemy of all journal publishers. None will tolerate and accept your manuscript if your manuscript contains plagiarism.

Another way in dealing with plagiarism is by doing direct quotation.


Make sure that you have checked your reference before submitting your manuscript. In some cases, many writers forget to put the source they obtain any argument. It is very important since it deals with academic requirement.

In order to ease your work, there are some softwares that can help you in dealing with reference. Some of them are Zotero and Mendeley. I use both but I prefer using Zotero because it can accurately read medatada of articles I cite. Good news for you is that both are free. They are available for Mac and Windows-based computer.

Another great software for reference is Colwiz. I think this one is great as Zotero and Mendeley. Unfortunately, I haven’t explored all its features but it is recommended for you to try.