Field Recorders for Handling Interview Session

For any researcher who plan to conduct interview, considering great gear that can handle information from research participants is a must. In this post, I mention some great field recorders that are great for handling your interview session.

All field recorders I mention below are battery-powered (AA or AAA battery), enable direct monitoring which means that you can monitor what your participants say while they speak, record in high-quality audio, and have built-in high-quality microphones that means you do not need to purchase another microphone.

#1 Tascam DR-l

I list it on the first order for sound quality it offers and for the portability aspect it offers. Tascam DR-10l is a super tiny recorder with lavalier microphone that you can trust in assisting your interview session. The lavalier microphone will guarantee the quality of sound in terms of sound clarity.

#2 Tascam DR-07X

This field recorder is little it bulky but it offers great quality sound. It has 2 built-in microphones that can be adjusted.

#3 Zoom H1n

This is the one I own. This device has helped me in reviewing suggestions given by my promotor and co-promotor while discussing my proposal dissertation and so far it worked properly. It runs with 2 AAA battery that last for 10 hours recording.

#4 Tascam DR-05X

Like its brother, Tascam DR-07X, the DR-05X series is also bulky but it guarantees the quality.

#5 Sony ICD-TX650

This is ultra-thin recorder that you can trust to handle the audio in your interview session. This has built-in memory and built-in battery which is rechargeable through USB cable.

#6 Sony ICD-UX570

This one is the successor of Sony ICD-UX560. It is Sony's brand new recorder which was released in 2019. It has two built-in microphones, built-in USB for file transfer and charging, and small speaker to listen the files you have recorded. In case you want to listen more detail, it offers 3.5mm jack headphone.

#7 Sony ICD-UX560F

#8 Sony ICD-PX480