Field Recorders for Handling Interview Session

For any researcher who plan to conduct interview, considering great gear that can handle information from research participants is a must. In this post, I mention some great field recorders that are great for handling your interview session.

All field recorders I mention below are battery-powered (AA or AAA battery), enable direct monitoring which means that you can monitor what your participants say while they speak, record in high-quality audio, and have built-in high-quality microphones that means you do not need to purchase another microphone.

#1 Tascam DR-10L

I list it on the first order for sound quality it offers and for the portability aspect it offers. Tascam DR-10L is a super tiny recorder with lavalier microphone that you can trust in assisting your interview session. The lavalier microphone will guarantee the quality of sound in terms of sound clarity.

#2 Tascam DR-07X

This field recorder is little bit bulky but it offers great quality sound. Although DR-07X looks bulky, it is still portable enough to be carried inside pocket or bag. Its 2 built-in adjustable microphones are great for handling both mono or stereo sound.

#3 Zoom H1n

This is the one I own. This device has helped me in reviewing suggestions addressed by my promotor and co-promotor while presenting my proposal dissertation and so far it worked properly. It can be powered by 2 AAA battery that last for 10 hours recording. The Zoom H1n can also be used as an interface or external microphone for Zoom Meeting, Google Meet, and Skype which is great for work from home situation.

#4 Tascam DR-05X

Like its brother, Tascam DR-07X, the DR-05X series is also bulky but it guarantees the quality.

#5 Sony ICD-TX650

This is ultra-thin recorder that you can trust to handle the audio in your interview session. This has built-in memory and built-in battery which is rechargeable through USB cable.

#6 Sony ICD-UX570

This one is the successor of Sony ICD-UX560. It is Sony's brand new recorder which was released in 2019. It has two built-in microphones, built-in USB for file transfer and charging, and small speaker to listen the files you have recorded. In case you want to listen more detail, it offers 3.5mm jack headphone.