Creating Video-based Lecture: Equipments

In facing Covid-19 pandemic, institutions around the world are forced to apply online-based instruction to replace the classroom-based. Here are some tools or equipments that you better consider in managing your first video-based instruction or video-based lecture.

That Covid-19 pandemic has hit the rest of the world forces institutions and educators consider online-based instruction to be executed to replace the classroom-based. Here are the list of equipments or gears that you should consider. For the more detailed explanation as well as the price, just search on Google.

Audio Interface

Audio interface is a tool that converts analog signal like your voice into digital so that your voice can be heard by your students. Majority of audio interfaces nowadays are USB-based which means that it is powered by PC or laptop you are using. Some other brands produce on-the-go or portable audio interface which is battery powered. To use audio interface, you can simply plug your microphone into it through XLR cable connection and plug the USB to your PC or laptop. Majority of audio interfaces are class-compliant which means that you do not need any driver to make it works. Here are my recommendation of audio interface.

Audient Evo 4

This audio interface was released in January 2020 and compatible with Windows and Mac OS. In its promotion, it is said that Audient Evo 4 is perfect for anyone who wants to focus on being creative. Creative teacher knows how to deliver contents with crystal-clear sound for the students.

Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Generation

This audio interface is also popular as many musicians, voice over artists, podcasters, and content creators use it as main equipment in delivering high quality sound to their audiences. You as a teacher or lecturer is also enabled to deliver your content to your students by using this equipment.

Zoom U-22, U-24, and U-44

Zoom has been trusted for years by content creators for good quality sound its products offer. There are some options it offers, such as Zoom U-22 which has 2 inputs and 2 outputs, Zoom U-24 which has 2 inputs and 4 outputs, and Zoom U-44 which offer 2 inputs plus 2 additional inputs with extra equipment and 4 outputs. Besides, Zoom also has some other devices which are great in producing good quality sound - such as Zoom H1n, Zoom H2n, Zoom H4n Pro, Zoom H5, and Zoom H6. But as this post focuses on audio interface, then I just need to mention these three products.


After choosing the right audio interface, then one more equipment you need is microphone as your audio interface will not work without microphone. In the market, there are some pretty cheap microphones that offer good quality sound such as Boya and Rode.


Headphone will enable you to listen to your voice and feedback you receive from your distant students. It is also an essential equipment to have in handling online discussion. But if your need is only to create video-based lecture which is one-way communication, the headphone will enable you to monitor what you have recorded. In using the headphone, you just need to plug it into you audio interface. You will be enabled to hear your voice simultaneously while it records your voice and after recording (playback). I myself use Audio Technica ATH-AVC200 SonicPro for my daily use. For me, the quality it offers is more than enough. You can also consider Audio-Technica ATH-S100iS BK for cheaper one. The quality is also great.

Webcam (addition)

Webcam is listed as additional equipment here because I assume that your laptop has built-in camera. But in case you need more quality, you will need something like Logitech C270 HD which is good enough to serve your students high quality video or for more advanced gear, consider Logitech C922 which offers you full HD quality. The latter is popularly used by gamers doing live streaming session.