Estimated Cost of Living in Indonesia (2023): A Comprehensive Guide for Expats, Students, & Tourists

Living cost estimation is crucial for individuals planning to move or to study in Indonesia. As a diverse and culturally rich nation, Indonesia attracts a significant number of expatriates, international students, and tourists every year. This comprehensive guide aims to provide valuable insights into the estimated living cost in Indonesia, helping individuals make informed decisions about their financial arrangements.


Accommodation costs can vary significantly depending on the city or regency you choose to live in. In major cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and Makassar, rental costs for houses in upscale areas can be relatively high, started from IDR 15.000.000 per year. On the other hand, opting for more modest accommodations in suburban areas or university towns can cost around IDR 700.000 to IDR 2.500.000 per month. If you visit Indoneia for vacation, stay in hotel might cost you around IDR 350.000 per night.

Food and Groceries

Indonesia offers a wide variety of culinary delights at varying price points. Street food and local eateries are affordable options, with meals ranging from IDR 10.000 to IDR 35.000. Expats may also find comfort in international restaurants and cafes, which can cost between IDR 75.000 to IDR 100.000 per meal. For groceries, the average monthly expenditure for a single person is approximately IDR 2.000.000, while a family's grocery bill could be around IDR 3.500.000 to IDR 6.000.000 per month.

Here are some popular food to eat in Indonesia.

Item Street Food Restaurant
Fried rice IDR 10.000 - IDR 25.000 > IDR 50.000
Bakso IDR 10.000 - IDR 20.000 > IDR 30.000
Noodles IDR 15.000 - IDR 25.000 > IDR 35.000
Indomie IDR 3.500 -
Nasi Kuning IDR 10.000 - 20.000 > IDR 35.000
Gado-gado IDR 12.000 - IDR 18.000 > IDR 25.000
IDR 15.000 - IDR 20.000 > IDR 35.000


Transportation costs in Indonesia can be reasonable, especially with the availability of affordable public transportation options. Local buses and commuter trains are cost-effective methods for daily commuting, with fares as low as IDR 10.000 to IDR 20.000 per trip. For expats or students needing more flexibility, ride-hailing apps like Gojek, Grab, and Maxim bike and car provide convenient transportation at reasonable rates which the cost may depend on the distance, weather, and level of traffic congestion.

Foreigners visiting Indonesia often find it convenient to rent motorcycles or cars to explore the beautiful landscapes and diverse cultures of the country. Renting a motorcycle or car in Indonesia is a popular choice for tourists who wish to have the freedom to travel at their own pace and explore off-the-beaten-path destinations. Rental services are readily available in major cities and tourist destinations, offering a range of vehicles to suit different preferences and budgets. However, foreigners should ensure they have the necessary documents, such as a valid international driver's license and passport, to comply with local regulations. Additionally, it is essential to carefully review the terms and conditions of the rental agreement to avoid any unexpected fees or misunderstandings during the rental period. With proper planning and adherence to local rules, renting a motorcycle or car in Indonesia can provide a memorable and enriching experience for foreign travelers.

The rental cost for motorcycles can range from IDR 100,000 per day, while the estimated cost for renting a car with a driver can range from IDR 400,000 - IDR 500.000 per day for a standard SUV with an engine capacity below 1500CC. When renting a car, it is important to keep in mind that you are responsible for covering the vehicle's fuel expenses. Additionally, you will typically be required to cover the driver's meal expenses during the rental period. If your travel extends beyond a day, you will also be responsible for providing accommodation for the driver. Negotiate this before you rent!


Healthcare costs in Indonesia are relatively affordable compared to many other countries. Basic medical consultations can cost around IDR 150.000 to IDR 250.000, and medication prices are often more budget-friendly. Health insurance coverage is highly recommended for expatriates and students, with plans depend on the coverage level.


For international students, tuition fees at Indonesian universities can vary significantly. Public universities generally have lower tuition fees compared to private institutions. Average tuition fees for students range from IDR 3.000.000 to IDR 6.000.000 per semester for undergraduate programs, while graduate courses may cost between IDR 8.000.000 to IDR 12.000.000 per semester, and postgraduate programs may cost around IDR 16.000.000 to IDR 22.000.000 per semester. For the current time (year 2023), the determination of tuition fees, especially for undergraduate programs, can depend on two factors - the income of the student's parents or guardians and the university's entrance selection route.

Entertainment and Leisure

Indonesia offers an array of entertainment and leisure activities catering to various preferences. Movie tickets can cost around IDR 50.000 to IDR 75.000, and a gym membership typically ranges from IDR 250.000 to IDR 1.500.000 per month. Additionally, exploring the country's stunning landscapes and vibrant culture often comes at minimal costs, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals. Thing you should remember is that you have to always prepare parking fees. For cars, the standard rate is usually around IDR 5.000 to IDR 10.000, while for motorcycles, the parking fee is typically between IDR 2.000 to IDR 5.000. Additionally, there are also parking systems that charge fees based on the duration of the vehicle's parking.

Miscellaneous Expenses

It's essential to budget for miscellaneous expenses like internet bills, utilities, clothing, and personal expenses. Monthly internet packages cost around $20 to $50, while utility bills for a modest apartment can range from $50 to $100 per month. Budgeting for clothing and personal expenses can vary based on individual preferences, but a rough estimate would be around $100 to $200 per month.

General Overview of Living Cost

With regard to this point, there are two terms you should be familiar with. UMP (Upah Minimum Provinsi) whcih serves as the minimum wage standard for workers in a province - determined by the governor; and UMK (Upah Minimum Kabupaten/Kota) which acts as the minimum wage standard for workers in each district/city in which its establishment requires the proposal by the regent/mayor, followed by the governor's approval.

Based on Article 25 of Government Regulation 36/2021, it is explained that the minimum wage is determined based on economic and labor conditions, which include purchasing power parity (balance of purchasing power), labor absorption rate, and wage median (the margin between the highest 50 percent and the lowest 50 percent of salaries of employees in specific positions or jobs). The data regarding economic growth, inflation, purchasing power parity, labor absorption rate, and wage median, which serve as references, are sourced from authorized statistical institutions.

As a general overview of the lives of Indonesians, the following data is presented on provincial wages for the year 2023.

"type": "bar",
    "data": {
      "labels": ["Aceh", "Sumatera Utara", "Sumatera Barat", "Riau", "Jambi", "Sumatera Selatan", "Bengkulu", "Lampung", "Bangka Belitung", "Kepulauan Riau", "DKI Jakarta", "Jawa Barat", "Jawa Tengah", "Yogyakarta", "Jawa Timur", "Banten", "Bali", "Nusa Tenggara Barat", "Nusa Tenggara Timur", "Kalimantan Tengah", "Kalimantan Selatan", "Kalimantan Timur", "Kalumantan Utara", "Sulawesi Utara", "Sulawesi Tengah", "Sulawesi Selatan", "Sulawesi Tenggara", "Gorontalo", "Maluku", "Maluku Utara", "Papua"],
      "datasets": [
          "label": "In Indonesian Rupiah (IDR) - Per Month",
          "backgroundColor": ["#ff0000"],
          "data": [3413666, 2710493, 2742476, 3191662, 2943033, 3404177, 2418280, 2633284, 3498479, 3279194, 4901798, 1986670, 1958169, 1981782, 2040244, 2661280, 2713672, 2371407, 2123994, 3181013, 3149977, 3201396, 3251702, 3485000, 2599456, 3385145, 2758984, 2989350, 2812827, 2976720, 3864696]
    "options": {
        "responsive": true,
        "plugins": {
        "title": {
        "display": true,
        "text": "Provincial Minimum Wage in Indonesia (2023)"}

UMK is the minimum wage applicable in the district and city area. As stated in Indonesian Government Regulation No. 36/2021, the governor can establish the minimum wage with certain conditions, as ruled under Article 30 paragraph (1) of Indonesian Government Regulation No. 36/2021. The specific conditions referred to are related to:

  1. The average economic growth of the respective district or city over the past 3 (three) years based on available data for the same period, which is higher than the average economic growth of the province; or
  2. The economic growth value minus inflation of the respective district or city over the past 3 (three) years based on available data for the same period, is always positive and higher than the value of the Province.

In the event that the specific conditions mentioned above are not met, or in other words, the minimum wage of the district/city is not higher than the minimum wage of the province, then the governor cannot apply the minimum wage for the district/city.

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