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This web is promoted as educational product/artefact generated through design-based research aimed at facilitating non-English major students learning English.

Pedagogical Feature

This web-based academic English module is maintained to serve some pedagogical features for targeted users.


This web consists of Lesson which serves English for specific academic purposes (ESAP) materials designed mainly for Indonesian non-English major students. Since the target is on academic English mastery, learning materials and examples are all academic-oriented adopted from journal abstracts which are believed to serve high-quality contents which are free from grammatical mistakes. The journal abstracts are adopted from 11 reputable publishers with the following criteria:

  1. Indexed by Scopus and rated as Q1;
  2. Published within 2018 to 2021 to ensure the reliability of the content discussed; and
  3. Contain "Teacher Education" as keyword - in accordance with the academic material needed by primary school teacher education study program students.

In addition, each topic under the "Lesson" is also equipped with some visual aids including table, Youtube videos and Keynote presentation slides to ease the students in learning and comprehending what is being covered in the topic learned/discussed. Topics under the "Lesson" also contain some internal links that are clickable which is intended to provide the students access to supplementary topics that supports the primary topic.

Although this web is designed and developed to serve academic materials for ESP course, it also includes explanation on basic English grammar as the target users of this web are not students majoring English (English Education, English Literature, Business English, etc.). Therefore, topics it is regarded important to provide explanation on basic English grammar.


Activity accessible on menu navigation serves pedagogical activities which are designed based on lesson plan. Each activity hosts at least information about (1) Activity detail which informs CPMK (learning objectives), some related lesson, learning media and assessment; (2) Activity detail which provides information about sequential step in doing the activity; and (3) Examples that presents the expected result of activity.

In addition, the "Activity" is also equipped with some clickable links to "Resources" to ease students in doing the assigned activity to them. The links include: (1) Lembar Aktivitas Mahasiswa which is a Microsoft Office template that is ready to fill with students' work; and (2) List of Open Access and Free Access Abstracts are set as the authentic academic materials for students. Besides, each also provides clickable links to "Lesson" that support the topic or activity beilg learned.


Synthesis of scholarly-published journal articles on English language teaching and educational technology are hosted under blog. In presenting the synthesis, citation is provided to help you track and verify every single statement quoted in blogposts. The blog hosts articles on:

  1. Journal Synthesis on English Language Teaching
  2. English Pedagogy
  3. Educational Tehnology
  4. Research Methodology


This web also hosts 2 podcast channels to serve audible content - Muhaimin Abdullah Podcast and ELT Synthesis. The former is mainly addressed for Indonesian non-English major students learning English - which is mainly presented in bahasa Indonesia, and the latter is associated with content of blog which mainly presented in English.


This web also offers some educational products which you can order. In regards with the sales of the product, contact the author.


This web is fully maintained by individual. Should you have any question, feel free to contact the web owner. I am available at Telegram.