The Web-published Academic English Coursebook

In 2016, the webmaster created and maintained this website to host lessons on speed reading and comprehension. The webmaster's experience in conducting research on speed reading and comprehension is scientifically published under the title "Reading speed and comprehension enhancement in hybrid learning delivery mode".

In 2020, through design-based research, the webmaster shifted the services of this website to accommodate Indonesian university students in learning English for general purposes and English for specific-academic purposes.

In 2023, the webmaster enrolled this website into development phase. The design of this website applies content-focused design. I use the term so called 'the content-focused design' to refer to the flat design where the content of the website dominates the appearance. It is aimed at providing you the distraction-free experience while reading. The width of the content area is also made sufficient for eye-fixation while reading. The documentation on how this website was designed and developed is available on a journal article entitled "Prototyping The Web-published Academic English Coursebook for Indonesian Primary School Teacher Education Study Program Students".

Services and Features

The following are services and features that this web-published academic English coursebook serve 24/7.


The developed version of this website applies the term so called Course which hosts lessons on English for general purposes and English for specific-academic purposes. In addition, it serves some other lessons on English Education.

The lessons are presented in the style of wiki to ease the visitors in learning systematically.

  • Lessons marked with "🎙" contain audible material.
  • Lessons marked with "🔒" are PIN-protected.

Note: Content hosted under Course is all written in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian).

Research Synthesis

This feature covers the webmaster's academic writing. The content is all written in English, academic-oriented, and dedicated for larger target audience.


This menu contains the webmaster's opinion and idea to share worldwide. In addition, it also shares audible authentic learning materials listenable on Google Podcast.

Dengarkan di Google Podcast

If you considered yourself as Apple Fanboy or Apple Fangirl, the show is also listenable on Apple Podcast.

BIPA (Bahasa Indonesia for Foreigners)

The development version of this web also covers the learning of Bahasa Indonesia. It offers free and premium lessons dedicated to non-Indonesian speakers.

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2023 Book Editor Intermediate Grammar for Academic Purpose UKI Toraja Press 978-623-8306-00-8
2023 Book Editor ESP Teaching Material Design CLIL-based Model Building UKI Toraja Press 978-623-8306-08-4
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Muhaimin Abdullah

Dr. Muhaimin Abdullah, M.Pd