Prior to now, this web served the author's project on the enhancement of speed reading and comprehension (click this link to read my published journal). You must be driven here by a particular line in my Thesis/Journal. Unfortunately, this web is now prepared to serve non-English major students learn English. If you want to know what my prior project was like, hit me a question or two on my email (provided on about page). Due to my dissertation project, I officially announce that this web has shifted to be a web portal that serves non-English major students to learn English.

Web-based English Module for Elementary School Teacher Education: An Overview

Promotors Examiners
1st Prof. Dr. Syarifuddin Dollah, M. Pd Prof. H. M. Asfah Rahman, M.Ed., Ph.D
2nd Prof. Dr. Haryanto, M. Pd Sultan, S.S., M.Ed., Ph.D
Internal Prof. Dr. Anshari, M. Hum
External Dr. Nuri Emmiyati, M. Pd

Below is an overview of the author's further project.


Pictures below show how Elementary School Teacher Education students learn English in classroom. At present, no module exists. Based on preliminary research conducted, majority of the students treat module as both important and urgent. A few of them perceived it as less important because internet technology helps them in learning. Given the statement, the researcher initiates the design and development of web-based English module to assist the students learning English.

Here is another picture of them.


The project will be developed by adopting generic model of design-based research with iterative cycle. In this model of development, instructional design is needed. The researcher will apply ADDIE model that addresses clear and robust steps in designing and developing an educational product. Design-based research is chosen because it is commonly adopted in producing e-learning and educational technology product. Besides, it emphasizes a syntesis between product with theory. In short, it will generate 2 products; the web-based English module and theory on how to design and develop a web-based module which can be customized based on needs. Observation, interview, questionnaire, document analysis, and test will be used as instruments in collecting the data.