Narrative Writing: My Journey in Learning English & How Internet Helps Me Learning English

Berikut ini adalah contoh dari narrative writing yang menarasikan pengalaman saya dalam belajar bahasa Inggris dan bagaimana teknologi internet menunjang dan memfasilitasi saya dalam belajar bahasa Inggris.

I firstly learned English when I was in elementary school. At that time, my English teacher started the lesson by introducing herself to us and then introduced us to days, months, colors, and animals in English. After that, my classmates and I were instructed to repeat what our English teacher said. The activity was full of fun. It seemed that all students, including me, enjoyed the lesson. That was the beginning of my journey.

When I was in secondary schools, I learned English twice a week. Each meeting run for one and a half hour. In my opinion, the time allotment was insufficient because English was treated important. Although I had much time to learn English outside the class, I still encountered some serious problems.

Lack of Resources

Students of my age learned through books because Internet was not so popular as today. It is totally different with current situation where the students are able to access Internet whenever and wherever they are. No matter it is morning, afternoon, night, or midnight, Internet connection is always available. Learning can take place 24/7 (twenty-four hours, seven days). Besides, nowadays students are made possible to access Internet just by simply taking small device called 'smart-phone' inside their pocket - the world can easily be explored by thumbs.

When I was in school, the world could not be explored in that way. We needed to search what we wanted to know on books or by visiting our teachers then asked what we wanted to know or learn. In case of my experience in learning English, sometimes books I had did not inform what I would like to know. In other words, information I tried to find was not on the books. If this is the case, then I should meet my English teacher - and it was so difficult at that time.

No One to Mirror

Theory says that one of the keys to be fluent in English is by 'mirroring' - observing, listening, and noticing someone who is good at English in detail. Mirroring is also known as imitating. The fact that English is not mainly spoken in Indonesia results on lack of English proficiency. In order to overcome this problem, I usually utilize Internet technology that enables me to find everything I want to know.

Technology is Now Friendly

By the advancement of Internet technology nowadays that has expanded educational domain, I can search as much information as I want. Of course, this is a very good news for me. Internet enables me to learn wherever and whenever I want. These are what I regularly do.

#1 Listening to Podcast

This is my favorite technology-based English learning strategy. Podcast allows me to listen to native speakers of English. I have subscribed many podcast channels that offer free service. I usually listen to podcast in my spare time - sometimes at my weekend. Besides, I also intentionally make time to listen to my favorite podcast channels, such as when I am in airport and while I am driving in traffic.

#2 Watching Video

At my weekend, I usually watch some videos. This one is also full of fun because video allows me to listen and watch what is going on simultaneously. If I find unfamiliar English words, the body gesture shows me the meaning. I would recommend this method to everyone who wants to learn English as language as well as culture effectively.

#3 Reading Academic Journal

My most favorite resource to gain input is by reading scholarly published journal articles. Technology has helped me to learn the content and language by providing abundant downloadable resources which are open-access on the Internet. Therefore, I can gain insight as well as language input such as how to form semantically correct and pragmatically accepted sentences.