Describing Thing: Beautiful White Diamond Pearl Honda CR-V

Berikut ini adalah contoh dari descriptive writing yang menggambarkan sesuatu (benda) berupa Honda CR-V.

Honda firstly introduced its CR-V, which stands for 'comfortable runabout vehicle', in 1996. CR-V generally has 2 machines to choose, the 2000 cubic centimeters and 2400 cubic centimeters. CR-V is a kind of SUV or 'sport utility vehicle'. I own the 4th (fourth) generation with 2-row seater and 2000 cubic centimeters right-hand drive CR-V. Its color is white diamond pearl. I love driving this car. I love its interior and exterior. Besides, I also love all its features.

My beautiful white Honda CR-V has total 5 doors, 4 side doors and 1 rear door. In the cabin, there are 2 useful panels such as odometer, rotation per-minute (rpm), and speedometer display panel. The second panel, MID (multi-information display) panel, is located at the center of the dashboard. It displays various information such as . Thing I really like from this panel is that it is customizable. Meaning that the driver can choose what information to display on the MID (multi-information display). The customization can be done by pushing left-side buttons on its steer.

On the steer, there are total 7 buttons on the left side and 4 buttons on right side. On the left side, there are 4-arrow (up, down, left, and right) buttons, source button, multitask, and setting button. Each has different function. The four-arrow buttons function as navigation control, source and setting buttons connects to the MID panel. On the right side, there are cruise button, plus and minus buttons, and cance button. When the cruise is activated, the driver does not need to floor the gas pedal. The speed will be automatically handled by the car based on the setting set by the driver. If the driver wants to increase the speed, the driver can simply push plus button. If the driver wants to decrease the speed, the driver can simply push the min button. The cancel button is to exit the cruise mode.

Between the driver seat and front left passenger seat, there are a mechanical handbrake, 3 cup holders, and a pullable arm-rest. In the back seat, there are total 4 cupholders, 2 in the middle between the right and the left passengers and each in the door.

Behind the passenger seat is a place to put some goods. The space is large enough to place some bags, shoes, and even two folding-bikes. Unfortunately, the 4th generation CR-V is only available in 2-rows seater model. The 3rd (third) row seat is only available in 5th (fifth) generation CR-V.