describing person: my english teacher

Berikut ini adalah contoh dari descriptive writing yang menggambarkan seseorang. Dalam descriptive writing kali ini, saya menggambarkan sosok guru bahasa Inggris saya sewaktu masih sekolah.

My English teacher is a white-haired man. His name is Haryono. He taught me English when I was in 2nd grade senior high school. Till now, he still becomes my favorite teacher. He has inspired me in my life. He has successfully modified my perception about English. Paragraphs below describe how he looks like and his characteristics.

Mr. Haryono is a man with white beard. He has warm and deep-set eyes. His face is oval and his skin is brown. He is about 170 centimeters tall. His body is slim. When teaching, he always dresses neatly. I guess, his favorite color is light blue because he always wear light blue shirt and dark-brown pants. He is a very nice man who always smile to his students. Besides, he also has good sense of humor. I have not met him for about 14 years but I still remember his smile.

Mr. Haryono is a very friendly teacher. When any student accidentally met him - such as in corridoor or canteen, he would greet his student, ask for shaking-hands, asked some questions related to academic life, and gave wise advice. He is very religious teacher. When the prayer time arrived, he would be the first man in the mosque. That's what I like from him.

He has inspired me a lot and showed me how how to teach and how to be a good teacher. Thing that I cannot forget is that he always inserted humor when explaining about the material so that his students could easily remember what he explained. At that time, he successfully made me become more enthusiastic in learning. I always waited and waited for his class. When he could not come into the class, I felt so sad